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08-27-2020 07:07 AM
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Esri has nice documentation on the various user types, roles, and privileges including a few well defined tables. I was wondering if there is a table out there or one that someone has created that uses the identical information found in the custom role configuring interface but has check marks for the ones that are considered part of the default role.

I have read through this guidance;

User types, roles, and privileges—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

Of which does help but it would great if there was something to make it easier to decide whether it is best to create a custom role or just move the user to a different default role or user type. If it is only a toggle or two and not really detrimental to the organization, I would just move them up instead of creating a custom roles for no reason.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Ronald Vanderpool‌, thanks for the post on this. You can view the exact privileges associated with each default role by selecting that role template when creating the custom role: Configure member roles—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation. The only role that does not have a template is Administrator, as there are several privileges that only default administrators can have: User types, roles, and privileges—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation. For example, when I select a Publisher template:


I can see that 22/30 general privileges are selected:

I hope this helps,


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Thanks Peter! I was hoping that someone had created a list so I did not have to by doing as you stated. Maybe I will share when I get one built.