Date Selector in Dashboard is not filtering correctly

04-15-2021 01:20 PM
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One of our users has a Dashboard with a Data Selector that can filter crime locations by date. When she uses the data selector only crimes that occurred during the date range show up in the map. However, if she clicks on one of the filtered points she sees the popup for all crimes at that location not just the date specific crimes. This is not a problem is Dashboard Classic, but is in the newer version of Dashboard. Is this a known issue?

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Following....we have the same issue. When we click on a filtered point, we get the popup for all feature at that location. Like Bradly, this was not an issue before the updates this week.



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Upvoting this issue.

We have the same issue in newly created dashboards which did not exist prior to the recent release.

The filter is applied to the layer but not to the associated popup.



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I have alerted the Development team about this and they are looking into it. 



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Thanks for the report this issue to us. The root of this issue is in the JavaScript API 4.x that the new version of Dashboards is built on. The JavaScript API team is aware of this issue and actively looking into it but it won’t be addressed in this April 2021 release.

I will share an existing bug number soon so if you are interested in tracking this issue, please contact Esri Support and attach your case to the bug.


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Here is the Salesforce issue you can attach your case to:

BUG-000139152 In ArcGIS Dashboard, after filtering features on a map based on a category, the pop-up for filtered out features that overlap still appears.


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I have just installed ArcGIS Portal 10.9.1 and I am surprised to find that this issue is in there. New dashboards are looking great but this bug is undermining the value. Can you please provide an update to this issue and how this might be remedied for a local Enterprise instance.

many thanks



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I am still having the same issue as well - using the Date to filter results in the map, upon using the select tool on the map, all the instances are selected and not filtered out. 


My example - use the Date Selector to filter results in the map. Then upon using the select tool, the widgets should show an updated count of instances, not the unfiltered original amount.

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I have a similar issue but the date selector is not filtering my lists from a layer populated by survey123. The date selector only picks up some of the dates but not all of them. 

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