Data not Updating in AGOL Join View Feature Layer

04-04-2020 11:53 AM
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I have a join view that I have created between two of my hosted feature services. It works well and I can see in the data tab of the view that the data in the view changes when the data in the services changes. However, I have added this view to a web map and the data displaying in the map is out of sync with the view. This is my join view:

This is my web map: 

The example I am looking at is Monroe county where I see in my popup and on labels that it says there are 236 active cases:

In my view (and even in the table for the layer on the map) I can see that there are 484 active cases, which is correct:

Is this some kind of bug?

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Try to save the Layer in the webmap 

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I have the same problem. I tried saving the layer in the webmap and nothing changed. Is there a resolution on this?

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