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04-28-2022 01:24 PM
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Hi everyone

I use a layer that contains a few thousand areas.
I would need to create a filter to select / download only the areas that contain a set of attributes that I have in an external list (if I wanted I could also load the list in a new layer if needed).
The list I use for extracting areas changes often and contains hundreds of values ...

I would like to ask you if you know a way to create this type of filter, or any advice on how to extract areas based on the value of an attribute. The fact remains that every time I have to extract hundreds of data with different attributod values.



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I just recently figured this one out using Python.

Here is what I did for myself. Let me know if this will help you.

I had one feature layer derived from a shapefile (SplicePoints.shp) containing thousands of points. I want to create another feature layer (SplicePoints) containing points that had the attribute (Subtype) value "Customer". [Subtype = "Customer"]

Using Python, I updated a dummy shapefile with "SplicePoints.shp".


I then publish the newly updated shapefile as a feature layer called "Customers".

Lastly, use the following statements to remove anything that doesn't have the attribute value "Customer."

attribute.delete_features(where = "Subtype = eqShelter1")

If you'd like a more in-depth, let me know!

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Thanks for the reply

I would like to avoid Python if possible. I do not know him. Also I understand that how do you manage to make the filter based on a single text. I must be able to create the filter based on taking of fields different from each other. For example, you have to extract the shapes that contain the value 1000 - 1005 - 4354 - 4543- 1 - 34 etc. etc. in a given attribute.

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