Dashboard Date Selector is not responding correctly

12-20-2021 05:37 AM
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Dear All,

I am wondering if this is a known issue or if am I doing something wrong.

I have just set up a Date Selector Widget with defined options and it seems to get stuck in the first selected option.

For example if i filter for the "last 7 days" option, it shows me the correct filter, but then if i select "past 30 day", or even "No one" (Keine), it doesn´t refresh the graph.


Is seem like the bottoms are not working. But the if I reload the dashboard, and select different period form the one I´ve selected before, it works and then got stuck again on that period.


IMG1 the graph is not filtered and all Data is shown (keine means "No One")


IMG2 I select the "past 30 day"option and the graph correctly shows the past 30 days.


IMG3 I then select the "past 14 days" and it shows only 3 days because during the past 2 weeks only the 14th and 16th had data.


But when I want to go back to the "No one" view (IMG4), or even go back to the "past 30 days" (IMG3) option, the graph stays frozen.





The only way to get back is by reloading the dashboard or by clicking on "show all" DoZ_5-1640007327105.png but this in´t the point of the Date Selector.

I am using Edge (due to my IT requirements), but I also tried on Mozilla and I am using a normal feature service.


Any ideas?? Did anyone come across such a bug?

Thank you very much and best regards,





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