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05-26-2021 02:14 PM
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Recently updated our ArcGIS Online home page settings to the new style. One thing I noticed is my assigning a specific group to the content page, it assigns that group to ALL of our User Name License(s). What I would like to do is customize each individual Home Page and content page per User Name License(s) since the various ones we have has a different purpose/job function and require different kinds of maps, apps and data. Is this possiable?  

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There is not currently a way to customize the home page of ArcGIS Online based on what user type is logged in.  The closest functionality to that would be to use ArcGIS Hub, and have the content be set based on group membership, so only users in certain groups will see certain maps and applications.

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There is no current ability to author multiple home pages and assign one for display to a given user type. However, you can take advantage of ArcGIS Online's sharing model to control what items people see displayed in an item gallery on the home page.

For example, say you have 3 groups with unique members and items shared to it. Only members of Group A can see items in Group A and so on. If you were to share all of these same items to a 4th group that you display on your home page, members of Group A would only see the Group A items appear in the item gallery on the home page. Same for Group B and C members. 


Instead of consolidating items into a single group, you could add three item galleries that point to groups A, B and C, respectively. A member of Group A would only see the Group A item gallery. This is because the home page automatically hides groups that are "empty" for that user. Adding multiple groups as item galleries is a viable option if you only have a few groups to display. Remember, the home page can contain a maximum of 15 content blocks (including text and link blocks) and you'd run out of blocks quickly.

Sharing of items in groups isn't so clear cut as this example. However, the general principle is that members will only see items in the item gallery that have been shared to them via groups. This principle also applies to anonymous users who visit your home page, where they will only see items in gallries that are shared publicly.


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