Custom basemap that does not display when zoomed past 1:141

05-16-2022 01:42 PM
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I used ArcGIS Online to create a custom basemap for our organization.  I can set my custom basemap in ArcGIS Pro and everything works just fine until I zoom in past 1:141.  At that point the custom basemap layer becomes blank.  The underlying source for the custom basemap is a WMTS service which is capable of serving imagery at any resolution.

Question:  How can I tell ArcGIS Online to work with resolutions beyond 1:141?

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@LyonMNGIS if you go into the settings of your service, can you see how many levels of detail you have? and have the tiles been cached for the lower levels?

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I have 23 cached levels. The underlying WMTS service builds a cache on demand.
I noticed a different behavior between when I add the WMTS service directly and when I add the WMTS service via online.
When consuming the service directly trough the WMTS service the visibility range is not limited.
When I consume the service via ArcGIS Online the maximum resolution is set to 1:141. When I remove the maximum scale then the ArcGIS basemap displays at any resolution.
So perhaps the actual underlying question is how can I tell custom basemaps to appear at any zoom level and not at the WMTS cached resolutions?

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The attached image shows that ArcGIS Pro will display the WMTS service beyond the cached resolution.  However, the display is limited to 1:41 when I add the same service via an AGOL custom basemap.  I can manually remove the maximum scale.

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