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CSV files added as referenced URL layers cannot interact with Experience Builder, Instant Apps, WebApp Builder, etc.

04-11-2023 12:50 PM
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I am referring to this functionality:

(The example above uses MapViewer Classic but the essentials are the same as current Map Viewer)


Our organization makes great use of the auto-updating capability of connecting a CSV file/layer to the map in this way, but I have noticed that most of the apps do not recognize any referenced layers in the map. Tools such as Instant Apps and Experience Builder will display these layers on a map, but all of the app-specific widgets act as though the layer doesn't exist. The only exception is the Dashboards app, which fully recognizes and allows for widgets based on referenced URL data.

Is this a known issue with the other app types or a specific capability of the Dashboards app? With the push to use Experience Builder more, such functionality is the most important decision for our organization in considering its use-cases.

If not already planned, It is my hope that said functionality is pushed through all the Esri products.

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You probably know this already but when you add a layer like you describe above it becomes a Feature Collection. They have limited functionality compared to Hosted Feature Layers (Feature layer functionality).  By reading the documentation for our different apps you can find some hints of how they are supported. For example, the Experience Builder documentation seem to mention feature collections only twice (Search Result | ArcGIS), while the Dashboards documentation states that they are supported (Dashboard data sources—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation).

Here is a related community thread: Feature collection vs. feature layer vs. hosted fe... - Esri Community.

This probably doesn´t help you much but it was the best I could do. I do not have insights into the road maps of our different products so I do not know what is planned or what is technically possible with feature collections.

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