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Creating street intersections (with names) from multiple crossstreets

10-07-2020 03:34 PM
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I need to create intersections based off of streets that are crossing/intersecting each other. I need to be able to have these intersections in point format, and I need each of these points to state the cross-streets (i.e. Manning & Academy). I have an enormous amount of streets that are crossing over each other, so I cannot do them by hand (as this will be far too tedious).

I have tried everything I could, with no luck. I have used ArcGIS Online's "Join Features" ability, with no result. I have also tried importing the features on AutoCAD Civil 3D, and trying to get AutoCAD to find the intersecting points for me, with no luck on that either. Does anybody have anything that they can help me with?

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I've kind of done this many moons ago (11 years! eek) so I'll give you what I had developed but I haven't used this in a long time. Anyways, this is some VBA code meant to be used inside of Arcmap. I don't have an updated version for ArcGIS Pro, or even a more recent version of Arcmap for that matter. It worked then but I can't guarantee it will work with today's Arcmap version. Anyways....

You need to create two datasets- a routed version of your streets (routes are based on the full street name) and the second dataset is a point layer of the intersections. You can use the Intersect tool in Arctoolbox and specify a point output type to generate this. Once you have that, the attached VBA code loops through the records and calculates a cross street field with the road name. From my recollection, it worked fairly well but your mileage may vary. The VBA code is commented.

Hope this helps!


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