Creating Offline Areas failing

09-14-2021 06:54 PM
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I am attempting to create an offline area for a web map I created. It contains only hosted feature layers and they have all been set to sync. I receive a "failed" error when trying to create an offline area with no further information. There should be a reason provided for this, as it is it feels very arbitrary. Is there a way to determine why the offline area is failing? I have also tried creating the offline area through field maps and it fails as well.

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@ChristopherPeske  in the troubleshooting settings on field maps app, have you turned on logs and then tried to download? You get better error information from there.

A couple of questions:

1) where did your feature layers come from? Did you publish from Pro, or make from scratch in AGOLor did you upload a Shapefile or similar and publish from that?

2) what is your offline basemap? Homemade or esri offline or similar?

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I have a hosted feature layer that I created within AGOL that contains points, lines, and polygons. I also have another set of hosted feature layers created from shapefiles provided by a client. I made sure that all of the shapefiles were projected to WGS84 Web mercator before uploading to AGOL. The offline basemap is the ESRI topographic basemap that is the default for AGOL. 

When trying to create the offline area from the field maps app itself, I get a log in the troubleshooting section saying "Feature tiling disabled". Nothing is added to the log when I try to download the offline areas I made in AGOL (the ones that said failed in AGOL that show up in the app still for whatever reason), it simply says "Download Failed: An error occurred creating local directory."

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Oh man we have been struggling with this one. We have a ticket in with Esri AUS and it has not been able to be solved.

We have tested with just one simple layer on a web map and still have the issue with Collector and Field Maps.

From the logs, it does look like that there is an issue with downloading any Esri basemaps. Seems like it must time out or something.

What does help is if you zoom inside the maximum downloadable area, it will increase the chances of success. Does not mean you will have success every time but it does increases the chances of it working correctly.

Also is you use the "Managed Area" functionality, that works consistently and downloads to the users device quicker.

We are on Enterprise 10.8.1 but use the same AGOL Esri Basemaps.

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I'll try it without the ESRI basemap. The zoom in trick did not work unfortunately.

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