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Create symbology based on attribute values from another field

02-04-2022 09:10 AM
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I have a hosted feature layer of inspection points that are filtered by deficiency type field, i.e. "infestation," "encroachment," "seepage," etc. but I would like to create a condition where the symbology changes based on the value from another field, i.e. "status." Specifically, I would like to have the symbol remain as is when the "status" is equal to "Needs Attention;" a highlighted symbol when the status is equal to "In Progress;" and no symbology (disappears) when the status is equal to "Complete." Is there an Arcade/Java Script expression that could help with this? I have an idea of a possible "when" statement where it reads something like (this is not actual code but rather "pseudo code"):

var SOR = $feature["Status_of_Remediation"]
var Corrected_SOR = When(SOR == 'Needs_Attention', 'current symbol',
SOR == 'In Progress', 'highlighted symbol',
SOR == 'Complete', 'no symbol', 'default red dot')
return Corrected_SOR

Is this possible to do in ArcGIS online? If so, does anybody know what the best way to achieve this is? If not, is it possible to do this in ArcMap or ArcPro?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

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