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08-20-2021 10:49 AM
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Hello, I'm looking for the "Share" option that was available in the now-classic map viewer. Not the share within an organization or publicly, the short web link that was provided. I don't see this in the new map viewer, am I overlooking it or has it been removed?

Thanks in advance.

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The short web link was actually to an app called Embed.

The Embed app takes a series of URL parameters, one of them being the id of the web map. The original page that listed the URL parameters seems to have disappeared, but you can still find the source code on GitHub. The defaults.js file in particular gives you a list of all the URL parameters and their default values, though it does not tell you what else you can put in there.

We can take any map, say, the Modern Antique Map and pipe in the itemID to the Embed app.

Because this is based on the JS 3.x API, it won't have many of the newer features that you might have configured in the new viewer, but it will still try its best to load and display the map.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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