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CoordinateConversion widget for Web Scene Viewer

04-28-2023 02:40 AM
New Contributor III

Dear Esri representatives,

How come the Coordinate Conversion widget (showing XYZ coordinates) on cursor click on surfaces is not implemented in Scene Viewer? Or is there a way that we have not known of? May we request for that simple widget implemented into Scene Viewer, please? Thank you.

Portcoast Consultant Corporation


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Esri Contributor

Hi @PhucTran1 

Thanks for your request. This is in our backlog but not yet planned for a release. 
Could you please share the use case(s) you are trying to solve? This helps us to prioritize our backlog.

Gianluca Miele | Senior Product Engineer Web 3D
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We believe clicking a point and showing XYZ value is the most applicable tool and simplest tool when working with 3D data. For example use case, we would like to inspect the location and elevation of an area (using an integrated mesh scene layer) or bathymetric data (elevation layer). This tool has been already implemented in many SDKs and ArcGIS Earth (attached photos). Please consider implementing it into Web Scene Viewer soon (either always following the cursor or picking a point like a measuring tool). 

Thank you. 

Khoi Tran | Portcoast Consultant Corporation

Screenshot 2023-05-17 100128.pngScreenshot 2023-05-17 100021.png

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