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Contingent Values not working in AGOL and FIELD maps

05-09-2023 06:29 AM
New Contributor III

I have created contingent value in ArcGIS PRO and it work's like charm there.

However, When I publish this layer on AGOL as hosted feature layer, contingent values doesn't work on AGOL and since Field maps is also based on AGOL it is not working there too. My concern is there any setting we have to do while publishing.

Also Is this feature available in ArcGIS Enterprise or not.

Can anyone please confirm


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New Contributor II

Did you ever find a solution to this?  Like you, they work fine in Pro, but I can't get contingent values to work in AGO, Field Maps, Portal sites, etc, nothing.....

Occasional Contributor

Anyone have an answer on this?  I was pretty sure contingent values WAS supposed to work in agol.

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New Contributor III

As far as I know It's not working currently in AGOL. However, I have not tried in ArcGIS Enterprise.

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