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Contingent values lost when cloned

05-16-2023 11:07 AM
Occasional Contributor

I have managed to successfully produced a webmap from pro with a layer where contingent values work. The intention is for it to be a template that will be used in FieldMaps.  When I have attempted to clone it (and all layers within the map) using clone_items() in a notebook on AGOL, the form seems to be retained for the layer but the contingent values no longer work.  Is there away around this?

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I have the same issue. My script works specifically in a way, that finds all feature services within a web map, clones them first and writes the source's itemID and the clone's itemID to a dictionary, which is later used for the mapping when cloning the web map.

Have you or has anyone else found a workaround for this issue? I think it could be quite challenging, since it is currently not possible to set contingent values on hosted feature services (at least to my knowledge). Otherwise I could at least read the cv out and write them to the clone.