collect xy on field with table?

03-18-2020 07:48 AM
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hya folks

I want to use a table with no XY to create features on the field (outside), any way to do it with arcgis or one of esri's app?

I need to respect the original ID's when creating these new features, so the plan is to make a map in backoffice with the table of the data we need collected, and then collect it on site making sure it's in the right place

We're talking about collecting 'doors' (point, xy) and their adresses (in the table, with other data)


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Hey Filipe Teixeira. Does the table have addresses? You would need some location information if you would like to display the table content as features on a map, unless you are using them as related records. Care to share a sample of the content in the table?

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Hi Laura, I'm attaching an image from a sample of the table from the features we already have (with XY)

These records need maintnance, some need more information and in other cases we need to add new records, and those should have an ID that we can work with, so our idea was sending the project already with a table with no XY and those ID's ("ID_PORTA_SIGPOSTAL"), with that ID we can connect the data with other information (like street name etc)

The person collecting the data would get it based on "NOME_PORTA", the number/name of a door in the street, so they'd know wich ID to pick for that location

So the person collecting the data would take something like this, or something simpler with at least "ID_PORTA_SIGPOSTAL" (links to door data), "ID_ART_SIGPOSTAL" (links  with street data), and "NOME_PORTA" (to find or to name), at least those fields would go from backoffice, the rest he should fill onsite.

Not sure if i was clear, ask me anything

edit: i've made a simple project to test in Collector, but can't use a table like I want...for example in QGIS we can do that, have a table feeding another so when we get new records, we can use that information to fill their data

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