Changing symbology for clustered features?

09-29-2020 04:27 AM
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Is there a way to control the sizes of symbols when they are clustered?  I have a feature layer in a web app, and I have the data clustered so when a person opens the map, there aren't 50,000 points. But the clusters smallest symbols are really small and hard to see.  Thanks for any help!

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Hi Babcock, Kristen L,


You can control how many points are clustered, either less or more and then set individual symbology.


Clustering is applied dynamically at multiple scales, which means that as you zoom out, more points are aggregated into fewer groups while zooming in creates more cluster groups. When you zoom to a level where the clustering area around one point feature no longer contains any other features, that feature is not clustered but instead is displayed as a single point feature with the styling options applied to the layer. You can adjust the number of point features grouped into clusters using the slider provided. Specifying more clustering groups a greater number of features into a cluster, while each cluster contains fewer features when you apply less clustering.


To learn more about clustering in ArcGIS Online, explore this story map.


Hope this helps.




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Have you tried authoring your web map in the Map Viewer Beta? You can control the cluster min/max size

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