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08-28-2012 10:42 AM
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I have a ArcGIS Online for organizations subscription, and set up several organizational user accounts. This seemed appropriate, since anyone who joins using their Esri Global account would lose all their information should I delete them as a user.  I've looked and looked, and I can't figure out how to change the password for an organizational user account. I found this in the help documentation:

"You can also change other information on your account, such as your e-mail address. To update your account information, open, log in, and click the Edit account link. The update your Esri Global Account page opens where you can edit your name and contact information. You cannot edit organizational accounts that you or your administrator created when you joined the organization.

Is there really no way to edit a user password that was generated from within the organization?

- Jeri
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It's a little bit hidden.

Go to the Sign in page
Click Need help signing in
Click I want to change my Password

Eventually, we'll expose this option on the profile page.


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I sure hope that "eventually" comes soon! (4 years and counting, according to the previous reply.) If not, would you PLEASE add a specific statement to the help stating to look for it on the sign-in page? My time is too precious to spend searching for, and not coming up with, such a critical function.
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