Capturing coordinates in web map pop-up

06-29-2022 09:59 AM
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Hello all,

I am looking to capture coordinate information of a mouse click in a web map pop up. To add an extra layer of complexity my organisation uses the BNG 27700 projection instead of AGOL's standard Spherical Mercator EPSG:900913.

I'm aware that Map Viewer has the 'Map Tools' tool that includes the Location tool but this Web Map will be used to under pin a Web App where this functionality is no longer available. The Location tool is very good as it includes a basemap option that will use the Basemaps projection to display coordinates but none of the widgets in Web AppBuilder have this functionality. Therefore, capturing this via a pop-up is needed as this will show in the resulting Web App.

Therefore, firstly, is it possible to capture coordinates in a configured pop-up potentially via an Arcade expression


Secondly, could an arcade expression be used to convert these captured coordinates from BNG WKID:27700 to WGS84 WKID:4326

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