Cannot view Feature Layer vectors or data in AGOL

01-08-2020 04:45 AM
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Anyone not able to view vectors or data in AGOL  from a simple Feature Layer? 

Always get:

"This layer, X, did not draw completely"  when trying to view the vectors.

Also, when trying to view attribute table, I get "Error Accessing data failed"

Have the default fields (Shape__Length, OBJECTID) so don't think its anything with the data, also, just a single 3 vertex line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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An update on this.   After upgrading to ArcPro 2.5, I tried this again and it failed.     
Then about a week after the upgrade, tried it again and all seems to be good!
 I can publish content from Pro and all the data comes over to AGOL no issue. 
I didn’t do anything, it just started working

so, I’ll take that as a win! 

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