Can you edit symbology by a length and width attribute?

05-11-2020 04:37 AM
New Contributor II

I am looking to edit the symbology of a point feature data set in arc pro. The data shows vessel locations and has the metric length and width of the vessels in the attributes. 

I would like to display these vessels using these attributes so a vessel will show as there true size (true length and width). I am aware of the vary symbology by attribute and that there is a size option though this only allows you to select one attribute field and makes the whole symbol larger / smaller.

In effect I am trying to create a polygon of length X and width Y dynamically from a point and its attributes.

The data is live and needs to be displayed in live time so this work has to be done on the symbology side of things.

Is this possible in arc pro to push up to arc enterprise?


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