Can't set field editability in popup editor of new visualization page in ArcGIS Online?

07-11-2022 03:32 PM
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Now that the visualization page for hosted feature layers is modeled after the newer map viewer, it follows that the ability to configure whether certain attributes in the popup are editable or not is not available via the popup settings any more, because it's part of the configure form environment in the new map viewer. However, without the configure form button on the visualization tab for a layer, how are we supposed to specify attribute editability in the layer settings now? 

It seems like there should be a way for us to do this for the layer as a whole if we want, rather than going into each webmap to configure whether a field is editable. Is the form planned for visualization? I get that form functionalities may not be compatible with certain apps, so in the absence of the form button can you provide some other way for us to turn editing on and off for a field at the layer level? Maybe in the 'fields' settings?

If this would be better in ideas I can make a post there, I was just hoping that I was missing something and someone can enlighten me on a best practice for this after the June 2022 update.



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Update for anyone who comes to this page wondering the same thing: I think I finally found the answer here: it's in the Data tab. A LOT more clicking than the pop up editor but I'm glad there's still a way.

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I was looking for this option as well, and the new way of modifying this for each attribute in the Data tab is not user friendly. As we have several datasets with more than 120 fields, that are used for 9 hosted layers each, that's a LOT more mouse clicks then before to prepare them for our fieldworkers. It would be really appreciated if Esri develops an easy way to change those attributes, so that they can be viewed and/or edited, like we could in the old viewer Visualization tab for each layer.