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Can't save password to service in AGOL

06-02-2023 10:06 AM
Occasional Contributor III

We could add services with saved passwords for three years on one of our servers. They are still running fine. If we try to add a new one now with a saved password, it says the password is invalid; however, if we save it without a password and it prompts us for it on every use, the same password works. We have the password saved, as shown in the video below, so we know we are using the same one.

We have had this issue for over a year, and Esri has been unable to help us. I am aware that it is likely some setting on our end, but Esri's support could not describe what might be causing the behaviour. The best they could describe was that AGOL uses a different mechanism when the password is saved and must be blocked on our end. They couldn't explain what the difference was.

Our network staff do not see anything being blocked, and it works on another server, so likely it is on the server that something is not correct. 

Both servers use a signed certificate, and they were all updated at the same time and using the same steps, so likely not a certificate issue. ArcGIS Server is set up the same way on both machines. They were the same version of server 10.8.2, but now the one not working has been upgraded to 10.9.1 (We were hoping upgrading might jolt it into working 😉)

We have moved new services to a different server but should not have to do this. Any idea how to fix it and why it is happening? Does anyone else have this issue?


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