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Can I configure the Living Atlas's VIIRS Fire Activity layer to only show to a specific country?

04-18-2023 12:13 PM
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I was looking for a global active fire layer and I found the Satellite (VIIRS) Thermal Hotspot and Fire Activity. Now when looking at its attribute table it doesn't appear to have a column for countries.

So, I'm asking does anyone know how to make the layer only show active fires in a specific country and hide everything else?

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You can use a combination of group layers plus blending effects to visually filter the VIIRS hotspots for a country.

Below I've applied a filter for Thailand on the Living Atlas World Countries layer and placed it in a group layer above the VIIRS hotspots. Using Destination In blending, the hotspots are visually filtered in the map.


Here's a test map that you can reverse engineer the technique with.

Step 1 - Add the VIIRS and World Countries layers to a group layer:


Step 2 - Filter for the desired country in the countries layer:


Step 3 - Then use  Destination In blending on the countries layer in Properties:


This is similar to the technique discussed in this blog article:

in the country focus example.




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To improve performance when panning or zooming outside of your Area-Of-Interest, Thailand in this case, you can add a filter to the VIIRS layer to restrict the number of features returned. The following will only return rows for the general extent of Thailand.




The Longitude and Latitude fields are indexed, so the query performance is good. Avoid using the "BETWEEN" clause though, as this is not cache-able and therefor will not stand up to viral traffic.

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Thanks, that's awesome.

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Thank you, I performed your instructions, and I was able to visually focus it on my specific country.

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