Can I add this Google XYZ Tile Service to AGOL?

01-30-2020 06:09 AM
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I have a Tile Service that connects in QGIS as a Tile Service:{x}&y={y}&z={z}

If i try and bring into AGOL via the Tile Layer insertion menu, it fails to return tiles (im assuming because it's an XYZ service rather than TMS). 

I amended the quad keys to match the AGOL syntax as follows:{col}/{row}/{level}.jpg 
(I've reordered col/row/level to match the xyz order of the tms.)

Can anyone get this url to work in AGOL? Would it need to be converted before bringing into a web map?


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Hi David,

While this is technically possible, I need to make sure to point out Google's terms and conditions for using their map tiles: Google Maps APIs Terms of Service  |  Google Maps Platform 

Specifically 10.1(a), "No access to APIs or Content except through the Service. You will not access the Maps API(s) or the Content except through the Service. For example, you must not access map tiles or imagery through interfaces or channels (including undocumented Google interfaces) other than the Maps API(s)."

I think this idea would maybe be of interest to you as well - 

Hope that helps,


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