Google Maps Basemap

Idea created by smcshinsky Champion on Oct 28, 2010
    Not in Current Product Plan

    I would like to see the Google basemaps integrated  into the ArcMap suite of products similar to Bing. It would be nice to have Google maps as an option as a basemap for ArcGIS Online and to easily load it into my desktop applications.

    I have been told by some of the ESRI Staff that the Google coloring scheme does not make for a good basemap.

    I find that most people are actually more familiar and comfortable using a Google map. One of the reasons I do not use the other map options, if I can help it, is because I want my users to already know what they are looking at and not have to guess "Is that a highway or a freeway?"


    Each of the major mapping sites such as Google, Bing, Open Street Map and ArcGIS have their strengths. They all seem to update their data at different rates for different areas. One site may update the imagery this year and not do it again for two or three more years. Meanwhile other sites may have updated more recently. It would be nice to have Google as another option if they have better data. I know ArcGIS has a community basemap program out there so that I can upload tiles to enhance the basemap for an area but that takes time that I don't have.


    In all I just want to have Google maps be another option as a basemap for my desktop and web applications