Calculating a measure of spatial dispersion around a central point in AGOL

03-04-2021 06:44 PM
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I would like to use AGOL to calculate a single measure of the spatial dispersion or variation of points around a central point. For example, how geographically dispersed are McDonalds around the centroid of the Central Business District and how does this change over time. I have a point layer with the McDonalds and a point layer with the CBD. 

I thought of using the distance between each McDonalds and the CBD, but that doesn't really capture the spatial distribution. Most things I can find are more about finding clusters or hotspots. Whereas I'm interested in the variation across space.  I could use the level of clustering as an inverse measure (e.g. the more clustered things are the less dispersed), but is there a way to calculate a measure of spatial variance in AGOL instead?

Sorry, not a spatial analyst!

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You might want to look into the Summarize Center and Dispersion tool, available under Analysis > Summarize Data. It allows you to create any of the following summaries:


You can find out more about the tool here.  

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