Cache problem with Scene Layer in AGOL

04-12-2022 06:32 AM
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I have published a Scene Layer to AGOL with Pro 2.7. The scene layer is a multipatch layer of buildings. The buildings are using a simple plain white texture.

I have published the scene layer with the same name of a previous scene layer that I had previously deleted from AGOL.

Now when I open the scene layer in the scene viewer, I still see some of the old scene layer buildings, wich was using an orange texture. Also, some buildings are just missing.

However, if I open the scene layer using the private mode of my browser, the orange buildings are not visible and the scene layer is displayed correctly.

The scene layer in scene viewer (normal browser mode)

The same scene layer in the scene viewer (private browser mode)


I have rebuild the cache of the scene layer but that does not solve the problem. The cache seems to be in the browser.

Is there any solution for this?


Thank you!

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With further research, I have discover that AGOL is caching scene layer geometries locally in the IndexedDB.

The problem however is that they are using the scene layer request url as the primary key wich is not based on the item id but the name of the layer.

2022_04_12_09_56_28_Window.pngThat means the solution would be to republish the scene layer under a different name, and never use a name that was previously used if you dont want that kind of problem.

ESRI, should do something about this...

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