Bulk Set Creator Attribute Values

05-18-2015 02:04 PM
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Hi.  Does anyone know if there is a way to bulk set the "creator" attribute value in an editable AGOL feature layer?  We have an existing feature class that we'd like to maintain through AGOL.  We'd also like to set editing to only allow users to edit the features they own.  To do that, we  need to assign ownership to the existing features through, I assume, the "creator" attribute. 

We've tried a few things unsuccessfully so thought I'd see if anyone has a good idea.

Mary Ellen

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Hi.  If anyone is interested, I think I solved this myself.  There may be more to it, but here is what seemed to work:

1. Publish the original data as a feature layer/service to AGOL.

2. In AGOL, enable edit tracking on the feature layer/service.

3. In AGOL, export the feature layer/service to a file geodatabase and download it locally.

4. Using ArcGIS Desktop, open ArcCatalog and turn off Edit Tracking on the feature class (might want to make a note of the fields first).

5. Add the data to ArcMap and edit the attributes as needed.

6. Re-enable Edit Tracking on the feature class and select the correct fields.

7. Publish the updated data as a new feature layer/service in AGOL.

I will add that we have only verified that the updated owners show up in AGOL and the edit tracking settings seem to be working properly.  We have not extensively used the new feature layer/service to know if something is broken elsewhere.

Hope this helps someone.

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