Bug or undocumented limitation: users' last names limited to 40 characters

08-31-2021 09:52 PM
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Character limitation for last name field: 40 characters. I've done some testing and confirmed this. Has anyone faced similar issues? Is this a documented limitation somewhere? It's unfortunate users can initially be created with more than 40 characters in their last names, but then this causes problems / incompatibility later with Esri Access (e.g., My Esri, Esri Training).

If a new user is created by the administrator (where the administrator enters the user's first and last names) as an ArcGIS account and login, and the last name is MORE THAN 40 characters, the user will be created but will not be able to get to Esri Access because there is an underlying incompatibility with My Esri and Training which does not accept last names more than 40 characters!

If the newly created user's last name is changed by the administrator to have 40 characters or less, and then the Esri Access is disabled and then re-enabled, then the My Esri and Training all start working right away!

If a new user is created by inviting them through their e-mail address and they set it up using Google login, and their official last name through the Google account happens to be more than 40 characters, there is no way for the administrator to change the last name to reduce characters, and it will not be able to gain My Esri and Training access!

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