Browse features in cluster pop-up doesn't work in Web App.

04-25-2019 06:43 AM
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I've created a web app with Web App Builder using the foldable template. The web map on which the app is based includes point layers whose features i have clustered ( layers are published as hosted feature services). In the map, when clicking on a cluster the cluster pop-up appears, and clicking the browse features option on it allows me to see all the point features included in the cluster. This does not work in the app. After hitting the browse features option, the first feature appears. Then, after clicking the right arrow to move to the next feature the pop-up disappears. The browse features function only works if i have first panned to the cluster whose features i want to browse. I reckon this is a bug. 

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I am also having issues with this. 

The web map has clustering and I can click on Browse features when in the web map and it functions normally. 

After adding the web map to a web app I no longer have the ability to click Browse features, it only gives me the number of features in the cluster with no way to examine the actual features pop info.  

Is there a fix planned for this?