Blinking GraphicsOverlay Issue, can you help?

01-07-2021 09:34 AM
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Hello Esri Community.

ArcGIS SDK: 100.7

QT Creator 4.13  Based on QT 5.15.0


We are working on a project using the ARCGIS SDK and trying to work with tracking items using QT and Esri.

Every 5 seconds, the system receives a message with system information such as location that will then update on an overlay and display it on the Mapview. 

The problem is when we update the assets, it causes it to blink on the screen, and while it is working, it's just an eye sore.

How can we re-draw everything on the map, without it blinking.

Currently, one of our methods that prevents it from blinking causes it to just re-paste over the same overlay, but since one of our graphics has a light transparent view, it eventually keeps getting thicker and darker in color, and we don't want this to happen.


Current solution:

In order to prevent it from blinking, we tried creating 2 overlays, where one is active while adding the same overlay to the second one. We then add the second overlay, and delete the first one, but it is still blinking doing it this way.

Any advice? 


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