Bing maps tile service directly without API?

11-09-2021 01:23 PM
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I have a tile service for Bing maps that works in QGIS, but i can't find the quadkey that makes it work in AGOL.{q}.jpeg?g=1  (this drops into QGIS via the XYZ map source tool)

I plan to credit Microsoft in the resultant map service, but can't add the Bing API Key to my client's organisation for reasons outside my control. Hence the need to circumvent the standard ESRI Bing map service.

Any suggestions on how to get this one in succcessfully?

Here are some of the quad keys i've already tried:{level}/{col}/{row}.jpeg{z}/{y}/{x}.jpeg<quadkey>.jpeg?g=1{quadkey}.jpeg?g=1z{q}.jpeg?g=1 

there are more, but seems pointless listing them all.


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