Best practices for managing multiple ArcGIS Online Organization accounts?

10-28-2020 11:01 AM
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Hi, this is my first post on the ESRI GeoNet, so thank you in advanced for all of your help. The company I work for has multiple ArcGIS Desktop/Pro accounts (and therefore an ArcGIS Online account with multiple users). We are potentially looking at managing the GIS data for a local sewer agency (producing PDF maps, webmaps, editing features, etc). My initial though was to have the sewer agency create an ArcGIS online account with a single creator and single viewer (at least initially) and then give my company the login information for the creator license so that we can manage their data through ArcGIS online and then they can view it with the viewer license. No one at the sewer agency has experience using GIS so them having a full version of desktop GIS software isn't practical nor cost effective. My thought was that if they need data updated, created, or analyzed I would use my license of ArcGIS desktop and then upload the updated feature classes to their ArcGIS online account and then display the data in a webmap so that they can view it.

Is this the best way to approach managing another organization's data or am I missing something? I know I won't be able to directly access and manipulate their data through my version of ArcGIS Pro since they won't be paying for that capability on their account, but I can live with exporting as a CSV or shapefile and then uploading or simply editing the data through ArcGIS online. Or is there a way to simply "share" the data between two separate ArcGIS online organizations?

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Hey Tim!  Here's an article that I think would be good to keep in mind when considering working across different ArcGIS Online organizations - Sharing and Collaboration across ArcGIS Online Organizations