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Bathymetry Analysis

07-02-2022 08:51 AM
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Hello Everybody

I'm new to Arcgis so excuse my mistakes please.

I'm working on a bathymetric dem taking these steps;

Focal Statistics- Contour(Spatial Analyst)-Project and finally Feature to 3d by Attribute and I get the final result of my contours with Z value.

My question is the values that show up on my contours dont match up with the ones which exactly the same area that reasearches work on.
With respect to their articles , the area that I've added as a screenshot is supposed to have a value -108m (i get -30m)  and the other one is supposed to be -105m (i get -70m) . I've tried so many things to get these results but I couldnt manage to do it.

Hope someone may help me.

Sincerely yours 


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I assume you are comparing the Contour values with the Bathymetry DEM cell values. I also assume the cell values in the bathymetry DEM is in meters.

1. What spatial reference if the Bathymetry DEM using?

2. Smoother but less accurate contours can be obtained by preprocessing the input raster with a Focal Statistics operation. What happens if you just use Contour (Spatial Analyst) tool directly on the Bathymetry DEM raster? Check the cell values of the under the overlapping Contours. 

3. Do you see any shift in the contour lines (before and after reprojection)?

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