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Batch Editor Help

04-04-2023 01:54 PM
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I am working on doing some batch edits for some water assets in our District. I don't want to have to open up ArcPro and do the edits and I am currently working in ArcGis Online through our Web System App.

When working in with the batch attribute editor tool, it is only listing one layer (water mains). I am wanting to do some batch edits on multiple layers in this area (valves, hydrants, etc.), however I cannot seem to figure out how to make other layers editable with this tool. Any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!



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It seems like the Batch Attribute widget only allows editing of multiple feature layers if they share similar fields. My workaround is just adding the Batch Attribute Edit widget multiple times in the WebApp and setting one for each feature layer.

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