Batch Attribute Editor Widget

01-19-2019 05:24 AM
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Hi all,

I've created a WebApp in ArcGIS Online and I want to use the Batch Attribute Editor Widget so the user can select a number of features and change a date field value.

The Batch Attribute Editor Widget is allowing me to select features from the layer I want to update as shown in the image below.  The widget is also pulling through the existing date values of the selected features from the field I want to update as shown in the drop down list:

If I select one of the existing values to use as the new date value for all the selcted features an exclamation mark appears in the widget and the save button is grey out:

The only way I can update the date value is to choose the new date option a use the date picker:

Is there a reason why existing values cant be used to update the date field in this widget?


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