Basemap and ArcGIS online matter

04-15-2020 09:51 PM
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Hi Everyone, 

I'm Jonas and I am very proud to part of the GeoNet Community.

Though I have a couple of problem with my ArgGIS Desktop advanced.

Indeed, I can't Add a Basemap or add data from ArcGIS Online.

So first when I open up my Arcgis 10.7 , then go to the add data tool, 

when I select either Add Basemap or Add data from Arcgis Online , The system shuts down, forcing a rebbot after this message : <<ArcGIS has stopped working>> and I have to send an error message. I have done that for weeks now without a solution.

Now I can't study because of this matter and the course is running.

Please Help


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When you say your system reboots, do you mean your entire computer or just the ArcGIS program? Any way you can download the data you are trying to access? I would also double check to make sure the data that you are trying to access doesn't require an additional subscription like the data from ArcGIS Living Atlas.

Sorry if this seems like general troubleshooting steps, I don't have a really good idea on what would cause this. Hopefully someone a bit more knowledgeable will catch this thread.

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Hi Jacob, 

Glad to hear from you.

What I mean, the ArcGIS program reboots.


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