Auto-populate Fields for Synced Hosted Feature Layers

11-05-2020 08:32 AM
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Hi, I just reviewed this post Calculate geometry in AGOL to find the area or length of a polygon or line which provides a great solution using Arcade to auto-populate feature geometry in a field in AGOL.  But Arcade cannot be used when the hosted feature layers are enable for editing or for offline use (synced).  I manage/own the data but the staff are having to key in these fields when creating the features in "edit".  SQL only allows me to calculate the fields on demand. Does anyone know of another way? We are using the new Collector which I believe has the auto-populate geometry capability but often data cannot be collected in the field for multiple reasons and must be done in the AGOL environment. Thank you! Kristal

Kristal Walsh, Florida Fish and Wildlife
Office of Conservation Planning
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Hi @KristalWalsh ,


Can you explain a little more how the App should auto-populate the geometry? Should it use the current location or is there some logic that needs to be applied? Or are you referring to automatically filling fields with the coordinates from the geometry?

I would also like to recommend you to have a look at the new ArcGIS Field Maps application that should have better support for Arcade.