Auto populate field in related table based on selection in Collector?

02-14-2022 07:57 AM
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I have created a map that I use when doing inspections on environmental sensors in the field. I have been using ArcGIS Collector to view the sensors on the map and create new inspection records. I have a feature layer with the sensors and a related table for inspections. The PK is the Global ID and FK is GUID. 

I have been trying to get the Sensor ID field in the related table to auto populate based on the selection of the sensor in the collector app. So far I've had to calculate the Sensor ID field using an Arcade expression every time I add a new inspection. Is there a way to have this field calculate automatically every time I enter a new record? 

Any input or suggestions much appreciated!

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maoneill9, I am trying to so something similar with catch basin cleaning and inspections in Field Maps. Did you ever figure this out?

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@maoneill9& @MikaylaMinor It is doable. I created a relationship between our Storm Drain layer and the Inspection (related) table based on the Storm Drain ID.
Please see the attached document that I put together with instructions on how to build it. I hope it will be helpful.