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Auto calculation of projected XY in attribute table

09-15-2022 01:49 AM
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I have had a (what I would term a quite reasonable request) from a field worker that the x and y coordinates of a feature (explicit point position or polygon/line centroid) be added to the attribute table of a feature as they capture data into a hosted feature layer in field maps. As we are based in the UK what they are really asking for is British National Grid references.

Obviously I can very easily calculate this after the event in ArcGIS Pro, but I'm always loathed to do so as they are static values and if a feature is moved then these values don't update. That also doesn't help the user whilst they are in the field.

It doesn't seem like this is a particularly big ask for software designed around location, but having played with arcade expressions in webmap forms and got nowhere fast then I'm at a loss. I can already imagine the incredulity when I go back and tell them I don't think it's possible...

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For county-specific questions such as those about converting from WGS to BNG, you might be better to open a support case with the appropriate distributor, in this case Esri UK.

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