arcmap layer file applied to a layer on arcgis online

04-24-2020 09:37 AM
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Here's the set up: I have a vegetation layer I'm showing on a web map. When zoomed out, I have the data categorized in broad vegetation categories (conifer forest, hardwood forest, shrubland, grassland, etc). When zoomed in, I then have the map switch over to another view of the vegetation layer (using the visibility limits for each layer view) showing more specificity (species name, actually).

Here's the problem: how do I get the color scheme I have in ArcMap (took forever, there's 70 species) up onto ArcGIS Online in a format I can then apply to that "zoomed in" vegetation layer?

I don't want to re-publish the layer because it is rather large. I just want to use the color scheme. Trying to pick colors for more than 70 categories in ArcGIS Online may likely kill me.  And the random colors are terrible. And the species colors need to closely match the broad category colors which was relatively easy to do in ArcMap.

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