ArcGIS Solutions ArcGIS Pro with AGOL sync issues

04-07-2021 07:31 AM
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Good Morning:

I have recently started working with ArcGIS Solutions, specifically the Electric Distribution Data Management set and Water Distribution Data Management Set. I've deployed both set(s) to My Content on my ArcGIS Online platform. So far, I've been able to open the Project in ArcGIS pro from My Content on AGOL. The problem is, when I close ArcGIS Pro and attempt to reopen the project under Recent, I get:


This is getting frustrating since I am not sure what I am doing wrong AND I have to go thru multiple steps of relinking the Feature Class(s) to the map, so on and so forth before I can start updating the content. 

Possible I did something wrong in the set-up? Appreciate any assistance to resolve this.

Thank You

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