ArcGIS Online Web App Printing Widget issues?

07-27-2018 04:25 AM
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I am trying to get my layers that I have turned on to display on the printing widget but when it pdfs the layers that I display in the web app do not display on the pdf?  I don't have any developing skills so any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, WayneScreenshot from web app displaying a layer.Screenshot from pdf created with printing widget not displaying what was on my screen in the web app.

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We too were having this issue where none of our published layers were printing, except for a couple.  It seems that if you publish an mxd with the layers turned off, nothing will print using the web app widget.  I guess this was not an issue in the past, but something changed at some point.  I turned on all the layers in my mxd, republished, and now the layers I turned on are printing.  We are on 10.61.

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I would suggest getting in touch with technical support. If a bug is logged, feel free to post it on this discussion so others can track the status.


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