ArcGIS Online's new map viewer - sublayers?

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04-20-2021 02:51 PM
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I just opened up ArcGIS online for the first time in a few weeks and I see their new map view is out. I'm trying to get comfortable with it, but I'm struggling to find the sublayers option for layers that have more than one sublayer. For example, for these LANDFIRE layers, there are multiple sublayers you can access. With the classic map viewer, they're easy to navigate:enter image description here

Under the content section you can clearly see the sublayers and toggle them on and off.

Now in the new UI:

enter image description here

For the life of me I don't see anywhere you can look through the different sublayers. I must be missing something obvious here?

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I experienced a similar issue with grouped features.  We have our Storm Water network shared in portal as a single feature service.  When you bring that layer into the Classic Webmap Viewer you have access to labelling, symbology, etc..  In the new viewer I cannot access individual layers, or adjust any of the visual parameters individually.  I'm required to adjust those aspects in the Classic Viewer, and then move to the New Viewer to take advantage of the new functionality. 

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It would be great to add support for grouping map image sublayers. Featurelayers have some limitations still (webGL web workers issue; performance; (quantization requires setup); advanced symbology; etc) and the use case for map image layers will exist for probably another five to ten years.

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