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ArcGIS Online- Member Content Transfer- Issue

02-20-2024 01:04 PM
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Hello AGOL Team, 

We recently discovered an issue when transferring user's content form the org's admin member page. 



When creating the transfer we get this confirmation: 



After 15 mins of waiting we noticed that some content still had not been transferred. We never received a message of error on this screen. 


When going into the user's content and manually transferring, this was the only time we were able to see that an error existed:




Please add these error messages as part of the Admin content transfer screen under Organization> Member management. 


Thank you, 

Amanda Huber




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Hi @Amanda__Huber 

Have you managed to get this resolved?

Based on the error message I would add the new owner of the item to the group or remove the item from the group reassign and put back into the group. 

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HI @DanielFox1

No, I don't believe this has been resolved yet. I'll note I haven't tested since the February update, but tested just before that and this was still an issue. ☹

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