ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer will not allow edits

05-16-2019 09:30 AM
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We have been using a hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online since early 2018. The layer was published from a geodatabase consisting of a polygon Nature Preserve boundary layer, 3 point layers, and several tables. Point layers and tables are each related to the Nature Preserve Boundary layer (one polygon to many points and to many table entries). Mostly, everything has been working well until in early 2019, I made three edits and now can no longer add fields to any of the features within the service, nor can I add new coded domains. Please help!

The edits I made were:

1) Edit hosted feature layer name (PreserveReports_2018 to PreserveReports_2019)

2) Add new code to list of existing coded value domains (this domain is used to link relationships)

3) Appended new data to polygon layer

I made the edits over a few weeks, but honestly didn't realize until a month ago that the layer no longer functions properly, so I don't know which edit/data append caused the problem. It appears that I am still able to append new data, but I cannot add new values to coded domains nor can I add new fields. Ideas?? I really need this layer up and running - we currently cannot collect new reports (stored as tables) for a new Nature Preserve we have added.

Thanks in advance,

~ Carrie

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Hi Carrie,

There's nothing I can think of that would account for not being able to edit or add fields.

Some basic questions.

Is editing enabled on the layer? Could it have gotten disabled for some reason?

Do you have a hosted tile layer created from this layer? That would prevent adding a new field to it.

I'd suggest calling Esri Technical support. 


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Wow - thanks!!

We did not have any tile layers, but we did have a hosted view layer (that I had forgotten about). I deleted that, and now everything seems to be working as before. 

~ Carrie

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This is a great information post for trouble-shooting problems with AGOL hosted feature layers.  Thanks for sharing.

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