ArcGIS Online Experience Builder Table number decimal places

03-30-2023 12:14 AM
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I have created ExperienceBuilder app with table widget displaying field of numbers with decimal places. In the webmap I have configured decimal places up to two digits, but in the ExperienceBuilkder Table it displays many decimal places. It appears not to all othe entries but to several of them. As these are money amounts, the more than two decimal places look weird. Where should it be configured to display certain amount of decimal places? Below are examples (screenshots) showing decimal places of the same entry. 


Screenshot No. 1: Experience Builder Table widget number decimal places extended



Screenshot No. 2: WebMap pop-up of the same element number field


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I found a related community post where the answer is that removing thousands separator and other settings are on the road map. Hopefully the product development team pick up your request as well!

How to remove comma separator in Experience Builde... - Esri Community

There is also a bug documented: BUG-000152331: The thousand separators are not honored by the Table.. ( You could try to reach out to technical support in your country and report this as a bug.

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How is this fix coming along? I have Manholes with slopes in EB looking like this: 1.02365897458295%

This is inexcusable! My Director asked me to fix this and I said I can't Esri has to fix it. He made the comment of for how much we pay for this GIS system something like this should not be an issue!

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Hi @AndreasHall - will this be addressed with the next update? If anyone has found a work-around, please advise, thanks!

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Sorry, I do not have any insights in the development of Experience Builder. I am not on that team.

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Any updates on this issue? I'd really prefer not to have to shorten 60+ fields on a live layer.

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