ArcGIS Online doesn't remember me between browser sessions

11-20-2019 08:30 AM
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Neither ArcGIS Online, nor Portal for ArcGIS remember my login between browser sessions. If I login (using ADFS) to either site, and then close the browser, when I re-open it, it needs me to login in again. It used to remember me for a while (like a month or something).

Strangely, ArcGIS Server does remember me between browser sessions. 

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Hi Matt,

Are you still running into this?

Which browser and build are you using (e.g. Chrome Version 79.0.3945.117)?

Is it reproducible in multiple browsers?

If you browse to Settings > Passwords are ArcGIS Online and Portal present?



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I get this on mine!  However the colleague sitting next to me doesn't have this problem.  It seems to be related to my account as I've also noticed it when working from home.

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