Arcgis online differences between public and subscription

09-09-2019 07:47 AM
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I need some asistance about ArcGIS Online.
What is the difference between the public and the subscription versions?

We have a small project where we want to do a story map about the names of the streets in our add lines with information about them and to have a pop-up.

Are there different design implementations than the free one?

Another concern is the amount of characters that we can enter per column. I know that as a .shp file there is a restriction of 240 characters but none if we add a .csv file. Or is it possible to add the line as .shp file and then to edit/add the information online on the platform?
Also if we have choose a subscription version (non-comercial or educational) is it possible to change the web address to have a customized one, if we buy a domain f. eg.
Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi Leonard,

Here are some links to the FAQ and documentation that outline some of these differences:

What is an ArcGIS Account and how is it different from an Esri Account?

How much storage space do i get?

Prerequisites to publish hosted web layers



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Hi Marisa, thank you but your answer doesn't answer my question...what are the clear differences between a public and a subscription acount, in the case of ArcGIS Online. I know that there are Security differences but those couldn't be the only ones. Is it the number of credits/templates/space?

Also I was asking what do I need or how can I change the published ArcGIS Online App link to a customized link or domain like for example.

Thank you again!


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